Extensive renovation of a two-story County building containing various County departments and functioning as a support facility for the adjacent Emergency Operations Center during critical events.

The building envelope was hardened to withstand 180 MPH wind loads. The building functions as a 24/7 facility and was occupied during construction.

An addition and phased redevelopment of the existing City of Pembroke Shores Gymnasium Facility.

Remodeling work was completed in phases since the existing facility was 100% operational during construction.
"The project designs were creative and yielded a "wow" factor..."
The City of Hollywood engaged Saltz Michelson Architects to master plan the 12.24 acre site, create a new Community Center, and redevelop the Sports Park into a contemporary state-of-the-art facility.
"We were extremely pleased with the design expertise and technical knowledge of your staff..."
An addition to the existing Public Works garage to create a new single-story, multipurpose recreational building with gymnasium, recreation room, classrooms, recreational spaces, restrooms, and concession stand.
"The City is very proud of this new facility."